Fight against fraud and corruption in ERDF funding

Reporting of suspicious cases

Both employees of the intermediary bodies and authorising bodies as well as funding recipients may report suspicions of fraud or corruption in writing or by telephone to one of the following bodies.

The information will be treated confidentially.


ERDF Managing Authority
Volker Kurz
Thuringian Ministry of Economics, Science and Digital Society
Max-Reger-Straße 4-8
99096 Erfurt

phone: +49 (361) 37-97330
telefax: +49 (361) 37-978350
Email: Volker.Kurz(at) 

The report can also be made anonymously via the following website of the Lower Saxony State CID: State CID Lower Saxony

Central Reporting Office of the Thuringian State Government

Thuringian Ministry of Internal Affairs and Local Government
State Government Internal Audit Coordination Center
– Fight against corruption –
Steigerstraße 24
99096 Erfurt

phone: +49 (361) 3793-499

Further contact persons for the fight against corruption at the public administration of Thuringia:


Fraud, Section 263 StGB (German Criminal Code)

The Criminal Code defines fraud as damage to the assets of a third party by creating or maintaining an error by false pretences or by distorting or suppressing true facts with the intention of personal enrichment.


Subsidy fraud, Section 264 StGB

In the context of subsidy proceedings, the provision of incorrect or incomplete information on facts relevant to subsidies, the improper use of the subsidy, the failure to communicate facts relevant to subsidies as well as the use of a certificate obtained by providing incorrect or incomplete information is punishable.


Corruption is the abuse of a public office, a comparable function in the economy, or a political mandate in favour of another, committed at the latter's instigation or on one's own initiative, in order to gain an advantage for oneself or a third party, with the occurrence or expectation of damage or disadvantage to the general public or a company. Corruption offences can cover a wide range of elements of an offence of the criminal code.

More information on how to recognise and detect fraud and corruption: