Achava Festival

Tiefensee: "ACHAVA is a beacon for cultural tourism in Thuringia“

44,000 euros for supra-regional marketing of the cultural festival / Significant increase in guest numbers

With its artistic programme of concerts, exhibitions and encounters of all kinds, unique throughout Germany, the ACHAVA Festival Year has established itself excellently in Thuringia and beyond. "As a supra-regional festival, ACHAVA does not only do important commemorative work but is also a beacon for culture tourism in Thuringia", summarises the Minister of Economics today during his visit to the ACHAVA exhibition "The Witnesses". The Ministry of Economics has once again supported the nationwide marketing of the festival.

A special project of this year's ACHAVA Festival is the photo exhibition THE WITNESSES, which emphasises the contradictory nature of Weimar's history in the Bauhaus year with portraits of surviving concentration camp prisoners. Due to the extremely positive response, it has just been extended until April 2020. "The current attacks in Halle give this exhibition a special significance", said Tiefensee. It was a good signal for Thuringia that this exhibition could be shown without any damage in the past six months.

This year, state funds amounting to 44,000 euros were used in particular, to finance a four-page special supplement in the Welt am Sonntag newspaper, which was published at the beginning of the festival. "With this supra-regional publication, we were once again able to draw attention to this unique cultural festival in Thuringia and attract guests from all federal states to Thuringia", said Tiefensee. Approx. 25,000 people attended the festival this year; a significant increase from 16,000 visitors last year. "ACHAVA is an excellent example of the need to thematically bundle attractive offers in order to draw attention to Thuringia's cultural heritage and strengthen cultural tourism", Tiefensee added. The strong cooperation with the hotel and restaurant industry in the event locations is also praiseworthy, making it possible to offer guests attractive packages.

Festival Director Martin Kranz is already delighted with the positive and repeated increase of response this year. "By expanding the festival across the cities of Weimar, Erfurt, and Eisenach, we have been able to excite even more people for the festival. Due to supra-regional marketing, we were also able to register an increased response from guests from all over Germany and once again increase the number of supra-regional visitors." Visitor surveys, supported by the Ministry of Economics, show: Whilst in 2016 - the second year of existence - already 26 per cent were supra-regional guests, the number rose once more to 35 per cent this year. The recommendation rate for ACHAVA to friends and acquaintances rose to 100 per cent of all respondents.

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[Translate to English:] Wolfgang Tiefensee und Martin Kranz
[Translate to English:] Wolfgang Tiefensee und Martin Kranz