ERDF - Plain language

Here ERDF is explained in plain language.

ERDF is an abbreviation.

E stands for European. These are all countries from Europe.

F stands for funds. This is a collection of money.

The money is paid out.

R stands for regional. This is all close by.

E stands for development.

EFRE stands together for:

European Regional Development Fund.

EFRE can therfore pay out money as aid to a region.

This helps people from countries in Europe.

In Europe there is a community.

[Translate to English:] Karte Europäische Union
[Translate to English:] Karte Europäische Union

27 Länder arbeiten für Europa zusammen.

Das ist die Europäische Union.

Das kurze Wort dafür ist EU.

So spricht man das: ee u.

Die EU hat ein Ziel:

Allen Ländern soll es gut gehen.

Dafür hilft die EU den Ländern mit Geld.

Deutschland ist ein Land in der EU.

In Deutschland gibt es 16 Bundes-Länder.

Thüringen ist eins davon.

[Translate to English:] Deutschland
[Translate to English:] Deutschland

There are many regions in Thuringia.

Some regions are struggling.

That is why Thuringia gets money from the EU.

So that people in these regions are better off.

For example:

  • A company gets money.
    The company buys a new machine.
    This enables people to work better.
  • ERDF gives a town money.
    The town uses it to build a new road.
[Translate to English:] Straßenbauarbeiten
[Translate to English:] Straßenbauarbeiten
  • ERDF helps people
    who want to set up a new company.
    New companies are important for a region.
    In the new company many
    people can work.
    This means that there are new jobs.

All people in Europe should be thriving.

They should have the same opportunities.

The European Regional Developent Fund

helps them with money.

[Translate to English:] Arbeiter im Unternehmen
[Translate to English:] Arbeiter im Unternehmen